simply you, monitoring body image perception (NPO) was established in Israel in 2005 in order to concentrate resources and solutions for dealing with eating disorders - locally and globally.

We strive for genuine and realistic representation of the body in the media and various productions: commercials, TV programs, books, magazines, and products such as dolls and coloring books for children.

Israel's leading cause of death for young people aged 15-24 is anorexia, and these days you can begin diagnosing the social and psychological effects leading to an eating disorder from the age of four and a half. The mortality rate in patients with anorexia is around 10-17%. Approximately 10-14% of the total population in the Western world have suffered or are suffering from eating disorders, as the chances of recovery are about 35 to 45%.

All signs point to an upward trend over the years, and simply you has been screaming to the aid of the mature and adult: Let's stop this plague. We must reclaim the worthy terms of beauty, health and success, and pass them on to the younger generation. So maybe we will save our children - and ourselves.

"The beauty model causes at least 50% of body image problems," says founder Adi Barkan. "Girls diet because they want to be like the beauty model, as presented in the advertising and branding of the fashion industry, and this model is too thin. We need to define what is thin, what is too thin, and create a more varied beauty model. in a world which size 40 is X-Large, how will there not be body image issued? In a world like that no one feels that she or he is worth something."

So far, we have succeeded in passing the 'Photoshop Law' in the Knesset(parliament), making laxatives a prescription drugs, coerced hospitalization of adults and demanded a doctor's physical examination in order to obtain BMI permits. At the same time we are working non-stop to help patients with eating disorders, increase awareness locally and globally and finding additional judicial paths of enforcing and strengthening existing legislation.

10 principles lead the organization:
1. Too thin is not sexy.
2. The difference between thin and too thin is the difference between life and death.
3. Each one has a beauty that you can nurture and discover.
4. The natural look is right, it is always the most beautiful for you.
5. Your colors express your nature.
6. Helping nature is OK - treatments, surgery - provided you maintain proportionality.
7. Your body deserves to receive the same amount of food and energy spent every day.
8. Beautiful is what suits you, not what you they are trying to sell you.
9. Be the first to praise yourself.
10. When you smile at the mirror, it will smile back at you.

Join us! Feel better about yourself.