Hello, I wanted to congratulate you on your battle with anorexia and excessive thinness. I agree that a woman is most beautiful when she is abundant and not too thin...
We need to show how beautiful is a woman who is healthy and eating well. Thank you.

Not much left to say after reading the post you wrote about anorexia, just want to say thank you to you that there are people like you who are not pursuing thinness and perfection, which isn't even that perfect.
Bless you! Much success and health!

Hi Adi. I get to read the statuses you post on the subject of anorexia, and I wanted to say that every time I am happy to see the awareness regarding excessive thinness and where it can lead.
Unfortunately, the women's preoccupation with their bodies is obsessive and one of the reasons for this are advertisements with thin girls as well as the social environment.
I hope that whatever you post will succeed in penetrating the world of advertising which has a big impact on people and the women themselves.
I can testify that I am not a skinny girl myself and can understand all the difficulties these women are having. Anyway I wanted to express my support for that :)
I'd love to help... Awareness of this issue is very important nowadays because the topic of looks is very influential among the population.

Dear Adi, hi.
I read your post about anorexia, I think this is the first time I really cry over this evil decree. My sister is 21, a girl stunning in her beauty and her wisdom, sick with anorexia for five years, gone desperate at the beginning of hospitalization and declared she does not want to heal. There are no words to describe the pain we all go through, just want to tell you that you are doing holy work.
Wishing that God will always give you the ability to save lives. This is a real crusade! Thank you!!!

Good morning, I'm contacting you because over the years I had followed your activities. Like many of the women of Israel, at first I did not understand your need to change what is in your best interest, but with time I realized that it touched you in a place close to the heart. I could not believe that me, a full-bodied girl would be able to understand the issue. Until I met it in the form of my ex-employee who, with time has been getting thinner and thinner in her photos.
I spoke to her from the heart, not to judge or shock that I do not believe that is the best way with her, but I was left with the feeling that she is an incredibly intelligent woman who lost control of her life.
So why am I writing to you? Maybe there is a center where I can get tools, or to consult. It is my understanding that for the parents / family there is no way to reach into the sick heart. Thanks for listening.

My name is S. and I am a student of Economics at Ben-Gurion University.
I read your last post about your praiseworthy actions for prevention and rehabilitation of female patients with anorexia and I would like to offer help with anything you need in this project.

Good morning.
I read your post and I very much identified with it.
I went through this with my daughter. Good for you. Stay on this blessed path.

Hi. I've been hearing for a long time what you are doing for all these girls.
And wanted to know if there is some kind of way to volunteer and come to try to help someone sick and in need of emotional support.
I know that you probably get a lot of requests like this, but the truth is that just my sister had an eating disorder for years and I myself found it very hard to deal with, because I felt it just becomes a part of the family.
I tried a thousand and one "killer" diets and eventualy just realized that I should live a healthy life and do sports.
After a long while I'm finaly at peace with myself and really want to help girls who really need and want to lose weight but do it the wrong way.
Would really love to hear a positive answer from you. Good night. You are good people in the full sense of the word.

I wanted to thank you for the amazing effort in your war on weight loss.
Also, I'd be very happy if you could contact the girl in the link I've sent. She is exactly at the point of no return.