CNN - Video: France bans ultra-thin models

CNN - Video: Israel bans too-skinny models

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CNN - Video: France bans ultra-thin models

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Ynet - Photoshop law comes into force

Ynet - "Model law" is underway

Xnet - Adi Barkan compares anorexia to the Holocaust

Israel Channel 2 News - New campaign compares anorexia to the Holocaust

Israel Channel 2 News - New campaign compares anorexia to the Holocaust

Xnet - H&M admit: Our models are too thin

StyleList - H&M spokesperson: 'Our models are too thin'

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ABC News - Israeli Law Bans Skinny, BMI-Challenged Models - Will Israel’s new anorexia law be the model for our fashion industry? - Video: Countries consider banning models who are 'too skinny'

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CCTV - Models take healthy approach to weight

CCTV - Video: Models take healthy approach to weight

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Reuters - Israel bans use of ultra-skinny models

Reuters - Video: Israel bans underweight models

Washington Times - New Israeli law bans underweight models in ads

Washington Times - Israeli law cites super-thin models as bad examples

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Ynet - Photoshop law is approved

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